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In 1840 – brothers John and James Grant sought Scotland’s perfect location for whisky making in the heart of the Speyside region. With an abundance of quality two-row Scottish barley – they built their distillery on the banks of the Back Burn, a tributary of the River Spey – and source of pure, mineral rich water. Founding the northern railroad through the Spey valley, they were able to easily transport essential supplies and build the foundations of what became a legendary name in the Scotch whiskey industry. In 1872, the famously charismatic and innovative James “The Major” Grant, inherited the distillery from his father and uncle, and set out of his search for Whiskey perfection. He became one of the first distillers to use water cooling purifiers, together with tall, slender pot stills of his own design for an elegant spirit character. Today Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm, is guardian of The Major’s legacy. He has followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather before – and was even born on the distillery grounds. He still lives there today, and is still using those same techniques as The Major did, back in 1873.


Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE is the longest serving distiller in Scotland. He keeps The Glen Grant’s tradition alive by crafting whisky in the exact same way as it was in 1873. Old fashioned wooden fermenters, made from Oregon pine, are still used to allow more flavour to develop – instead of modern stainless steel now commonly used in the industry. Once filled, casks and barrels age silently in traditional stone dunnage warehouses rather than the modern concrete warehouses commonly used in Scotland these days. Dunnage warehouses are made from stone and create a constantly cool and consistent temperature and humidity all year round – making ideal conditions for a slow pace of interaction with the oak all year round To further certify the quality – from barley milling to bottling – every drop of The Glen Grant is produced on the distillery grounds – using the pristine mineral rich Back Burn water. The Glen Grant is one of the only distilleries in Speyside to bottle every drop of spirit on site – giving the benefit of full control over all aspects of quality. Such is the legacy of Glen Grant – that the new bottling hall was officially opened by his Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales in 2013.

Portfolio and Tasting Notes

Glen Grant has an extensive portfolio of incredible spirits:

The Arboralis has a floral, fruity nose – with hints of lemon citrus, the palette reveals oak notes, butterscotch and touch of spice

The 10 Years Old is the flagship expression of the Glen Grant range – and has aromas of sweet pastry, pear, vanilla – and is rich on the palette with orchard fruits, malt notes, with a long lingering finish.

The 12 Years Old has complex aromas of fruit, nuts, malt notes and vanilla – with lingering caramel and slight spice notes on the palette

The 15 Years Old is aged in first fill ex-bourbon barrels and is non-chill filtered. The aroma reveals a bouquet of ripe apples, vanilla and toffee notes elevate in the glass.

The 18 Years Old is a classic sipping malt whisky glorious layers of barley sugar and butter scotch that linger long on the palette.

Explore the full Glen Grant portfolio – and discover its full, rich history

Key Message on the Product

A few key points on The Glen Grant, to keep in mind. “Elegance engineered by nature” is the essence of The Glen Grant – a Victorian distillery with a history of ingenuity and innovation. Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm is the longest serving distiller in Scotland – following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Traditional methods of production remain integral, such as using local Scottish ingredients, wooden fermenters, and stone dunnage warehouses. Ex-bourbon and sherry casks age the entry level expressions, such as: Arboralis, 10 year old and 12 year old. Every drop of The Glen Grant is processed – and bottled on site by local people. The Glen Grant is an ultra-premium brand – scoring consistently high awards across the range at the world’s most prestigious judging competitions.

Hero Cocktail

The Highball, also known as a “Scotch and Soda” – is a long refreshing mixed drink that works very well with Glen Grant – owing to its top fruity and malty aroma. Start with… A tall chilled glass – and fill with ice cubes. Pour over 60ml of The Glen Grant Add carbonated water to top of glass And garnish with citrus peel Enjoy!