Season 2

Leadership is…

Tema 01
Chapter 1 – Reimagining leadership
What does it mean to be a leader? Our experts look at the ecosystem of bar teams and explain how communication, empathy and a focus on the group over the individual are intrinsic to empowering a team.
Couple sit on a table facing each other
Chapter 2 – Times of change
Change is inevitable and can test a leader. Be they professional or personal, the learnings will be key in maintaining a strong leadership role. Our experts tell us how they’ve navigated change and adversity themselves.
Tema 03
Chapter 3 – Building your team
Unconventional hiring practices, examining job roles and encouraging mentorship are all discussed in this final chapter. It all comes back to one main goal: inspiring a group of people to work together as a team.

What should leadership look like in bars? We talk to bar owners and respected leaders who have worked hard to build and lead teams that work together harmoniously to be some of the best in the business. From effective communication to navigating failure and adversity, they explain what it takes to truly lead a team.


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The future is yours to create: Maite Cabrera

Our sixth bartender in our series is Chile’s Maite Cabrera. Currently travelling around Europe, Cabrera talks about constantly learning, why a fair wage matters, and having a legacy of making bartending fun

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Josephine Sondlo 7


The future is yours to create: Josephine Sondlo

Fifth in our new series is Josephine Sondlo, founder of Sizwe Studios in Stockholm. She talks about her habit of repetition, how to be smarter working with brands, and why goal setting is important 

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RITA S extra 1 of 4 Copy


Up close & personal: Missy Flynn, Rita's

The third interviewee of our video series is Missy Flyn, co-owner of Rita's in London's Soho. She lays bare the business's early problems, the implications it has had on who she trusts, and the reality of running your own restaurant

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Christina Chae 2 Copy


The future is yours to create: Christina Chae

Meet the fourth interviewee in our new series: Christina Chae, co-owner of plant cocktail bar, Moonflower, in Portage Park, Chicago. She talks about creating safe spaces, not looking at each other as competition, and leading by example 

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Aashi Bhatnagar 2 scaled


The future is yours to create: Aashi Bhatnagar

Our third interviewee in our new series is Aashi Bhatnagar, innovation artist at Cobbler & Crew bar in Pune, India. She talks to us about being inspired by women in the industry, falling in love with the stories of classic cocktails, and how a fake injury got her behind the bar  

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JIGGERPONY FINAL.00 04 10 02.Still020


Up close & personal: Guoyi Gan and Indra Kantono, Jigger & Pony Group

The second instalment of our new video series sees us talking to Guoyi Gan and Indra Kantono, co-founders of Jigger & Pony Group. They share their past management mishaps, why they don't like rules, and always remembering that a bar is a business

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