Season 2

How do we perceive flavour?

Chapter 1 Cover
Chapter 1 - What is flavour?
How do we define the word ‘flavour’? Our experts differentiate the words ‘flavour’ and ‘taste’, argue for the power of simplicity over complexity, and delve into the topic of how cocktails can convey flavour.
Chapter 2 Cover
Chapter 2 - Mastering the senses
We explain the importance of external factors in creating flavour memories. From the texture of the bar top, to interior design, and the music playing – there’s much more in play than what’s in the glass.
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Chapter 3 - Flavour evolution
In our final chapter, we focus on how we communicate flavour. By building our own ‘flavour library’, and choosing the right language to convey these flavours, how do we impart our knowledge onto our guests?

In this episode, we examine how the senses work, and the impact they can have on our perception of flavours. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell: all five senses need to be considered when working with flavour creation. From London, to Taipei and Seoul, our experts –professors and authors, bartenders and owners – explain how they affect the flavours in our glass.


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Describe this flavour

How do our sensory memories impact how we describe or perceive flavours? Millie Milliken asks four experts from around the world what ingredients they associate with common flavour descriptors  Where Georgia Georgakopoulou grew up in the mountainous region of Arcadia in Greece, she was surrounded by plum, pomegranate, pear and apple trees. In primary school, […]

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Flavour of: Seoul – Sool

A category in its own right, sool encompasses the vast sea of Korean fermented and distilled drinks. From makgeolli to bokbunja-ju, we take a dip into the falvourful world of sool  Korean drinking tradition is dominated by a term that comprises the impressively wide variety of local products, whether fermented or distilled: sool. Etymologically, it derives […]

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Falling in love with sool with Dustin Wessa

A millennia-old Korean tradition is on the verge of finally reaching worldwide spread: Canadian-born Dustin Wessa is playing a major role, with his efforts at Namsan Sool Club in Seoul  In the Namsan district of Seoul, Korea’s capital city, Dustin Wessa is busy behind the bar. Canadian born and Washington raised, Wessa is a voracious […]

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Tan Ding Jie is on a mission to answer the question: Why ferment? 

We sit down with the Singapore-based scientist Tan Ding Jie, and founder of bio-tech company Starter Culture, to chat how Asia’s ferments have travelled around the world, how bar professionals can unlock new flavours, and how he’s experimenting with this age-old technique  No place can be compared to Asia when it comes to fermenting traditions. […]

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Flavour of: Taipei – Tea

From white and green, to oolong and dark: Taiwanese tea varietals all undergo varying processes to turn them into a finished product which is revered around the world. We dive into five categories to get to know better  Taiwanese tea culture is rooted in the island’s history and local tea has reached worldwide appreciation thanks […]

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Flavour of: Bangkok – Aromatic herbs and spices

Galangal, turmeric, lemongrass: Bangkok’s gastronomic scene is identifiable by its use of local aromatics. We take a closer look at five of its most distinctive herbs and spices  One single tour of Bangkok’s intensely crowded streets, or a night walk through the web of alleys that vibrate with energy in the Thai capital city, and you’ll be […]

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