Season 3

Unlocking creativity

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Chapter 1
We explore the importance of fostering the right conditions for creativity, how to nurture talent through education, and learn about best hiring practices when it comes to bringing the right people onto the team.
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Chapter 2
Do you need to be creative when you’re systematic? We take a look at the glamorisation of creativity: everyone wantsto have creative projects, but you need the rightfoundations, systems and structuresin place too.
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Chapter 3
Our experts explain their own creative processes when leading a team or building a bar programme. How do they approach some of the inevitable parts of the process: feedback, compromise and making mistakes?

In this episode, we explore how to unlock creativity. Being creative is not just about coming up with new ideas – it’s the ability to execute those ideas, utilising systems and structures, and overcoming challenges along the way. We head into some of the most creative bars in the world right now, speaking to leading consultants, directors and bartenders on how best to channel creative ideas, and the people who can bring them to life.


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The future is yours to create: Tom Godfrey

Meet Tom Godfrey, co-founder and owner of FOCO in Barcelona, one of the city’s most loved bars. He tells us where his passion for bartending began, who has had the biggest impact on his progression, and how listening more than speaking could be his legacy  A little bit about me  Like so many others in […]

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How a film director and illustrator approach their crafts 

How can bartenders draw inspiration from areas of creativity that go beyond the bar? We asked two creative minds to share their insights When it comes to creativity in bartending, it’s easy to focus on the final product. But the hows, whys (and often why nots) of creating something from scratch are sometimes best understood […]

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Shingo Gokan: Mentorship is the foundation of building strong bar teams 

From Toyko to New York, Shingo Gokan has become one of the bar industry’s universal mentors, for his teams and individuals alike. He explains why it is so important for bar teams to have mentors In the bar business, I believe the most crucial aspect to consider as a leader is teambuilding – and mentorship […]

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Communicating creativity: From cocktail conception to consumer perception 

The journey of a cocktail passes through many different people before it gets into the hands of the consumer. Who is involved in its communication process – and how can that impact the final outcome?  The story of a cocktail’s creation starts with its creator. And how a team communicates is important to getting the […]

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Jason Richburg


Jason Richburg: 5 things creative bartenders need to know 

The writer and strategy director at NYC’s Good Fucking Design Advice knows how to use words to garner their followers. He gives us his top tips for generating creativity behind the bar  Social media content creation is like the service industry, in that the audience must always come first. From our neutral type style, to […]

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The future is yours to create: Courtney Francis  

The first of our 2024 interviewees in this series is Courtney Francis, bartender at Birmingham’s Couch Stirchley in England. She explains how boundaries, feedback and here grandmother have had an impact on her career A little bit about me I’m a creative person and have always had a passion for experimenting with flavours. I had a quarter-life crisis in […]

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