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How to make a perfect Manhattan cocktail

Classic Manhattan cocktail recipe

How to create a classic Manhattan cocktail: ingredients and step by step guide.

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  • Ice
  • 60 ml Wild Turkey Rye
  • 30 ml 1757 Vermouth Rosso
  • 30 Drops Orange Bitters
  • Garnish: Preserved Cherry
  1. Adds ice to 3/4 of a jigger.

  2. Pour 60ml Wild Turkey Rye into jigger, then into mixing glass.

  3. Pour 30ml 1757 Vermouth Rosso into jigger, then into mixing glass.

  4. Adds 3 drops of Orange Bitters.

  5. Stirs gently with a long spoon.

  6. Strain the cocktail into the coupette.

  7. Garnish with a preserved cherry.