Season 2

How did we get here?

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Chapter 1 – Embracing individuality
How do we celebrate difference, while remaining true to ourselves? Our experts kick off this episode by exploring how we can still express individuality while recognising what we have in common.
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Chapter 2 – An evolving identity
We delve into the nuances of adapting ourselves to new environments and how this manifests itself in our creativity. How do we communicate our story and heritage through how we serve our guests?
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Chapter 3 – We are the change
We discuss diversity and inclusion and the tangible solutions that can be embraced to make positive change. How do we recognise difference and new voices, while allowing them space to fail, to then succeed?

In this episode, we look at how the hospitality industry reflects identity, place and diversity under the core value of empathy. Our experts question how we can recognize our similarities while also respecting our differences; how we represent our own identities in new environments; and how the industry can meaningfully and tangibly make changes to celebrate diversity.


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