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Cover for Chapter One - Why do we go to bars?
Chapter 1 - Why do we go to bars?
The value of bars Through a cultural lens – we start by briefly exploring why we gather together to drink – from a socio-anthropological perspective – and the value this adds to our lives, in all sorts of ways.
Cover for Chapter Two - Ensuring Inclusivity
Chapter 2 - Ensuring inclusivity
The different reasons why people go to bars and why bars add cultural value to our lives. How do you get inside customers’ heads – creating empathy, connection, and representation?
Cover for Chapter Three - Culture, Your Bar
Chapter 3 - Your culture, your bar
How do you create empathy and perspective, as a bartender? We learn about the importance of ‘understanding your audience’.

Rather than asking “why do we need bars?” The question really is, “why do we drink?” The answer seems simple, right? Not quite so simple once we look at the reasons people go to bars. Speaking to leading global bartenders and industry experts, who are ripping up the ‘rulebook’ and doing things differently, this theme explores the origins of bar culture, the ways it has evolved (depending on your outlook) and the role of bartenders: how it can be done differently, by broadening your perspective to create memorable experiences for your customers.

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From working behind the bar to researching soda recipes and signing a €45m deal, the Three Cents journey has been a successful one. So, how did four Greek bartenders turn their curiosity into big business?  In the midst of dark times, such as the ones developing during the Great Depression at the beginning of 1930s, […]

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David Wondrich reviews his own books

The award-winning author and drinks historian, David Wondrich, takes a look back at his renowned writing back-catalogue. From ‘Killer Cocktails’ to ‘The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails’, he gives us the inside track on how his books came to be

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Why Natoora needs you to help them change the food system

Produce supplier Natoora has spent 20 years building a business that celebrates where our ingredients come from. Head of education, Clementine Hain-Cole, explains why bartenders should be supporting the farmers who grow them To Natoora, education means equipping everyone – starting from schoolkids and running right up to bartender, chef, home cook and everyone in between […]

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Drink like a local: Bangkok with Supawit ‘Palm’ Muttarattana

Vibrant and stimulating yet also peaceful and calm – Bangkok is full of contrasts. We went exploring the Thai capital with renowned bar veteran Supawit ‘Palm’ Muttarattana, now group bar director for Watermelon Group Where else could you find sanctuaries and temples, a few steps away from skyscrapers and mind-boggling nightlife? You guessed it: Bangkok, […]

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Drink like a local: Singapore with Jess ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

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Drink like a local: Taipei with Angus Zou

Hiking, surfing, street food and tea: Taipei has it all. We walked around town with bar entrepreneur Angus Zou, to discover the secrets of Taiwan’s capital city Cosmopolitan yet traditional, chaotic but still calming and comforting: Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, is one of the most exciting destinations in East Asia. You can breathe in the […]

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