Discover your bartender toolkit

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The tool kit of each bartender is somewhat personal – as you need to equip yourself with what’s best for your style of bartending. Here are a few friendly tools that should come in useful: 

1. The Mexican Elbow – Citrus is the life of many classic cocktails. And there are many ways to extract the juice out of a lime or a lemon. However, we believe the most agile tool to get you from point A to B – is the Mexican Elbow. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes – but they all follow the same principle: But up – flash down – one hard press with 2 hands. 

2. Chefs Tweezers – A divisive topic in the bartending world. The reality is that chefs tweezers are functional from both a hygienic and accuracy standpoint. We recommend having 2 pairs on hand – a larger ice thong – and a thin tweezer for delicate garnishes that require precision. 

3. Muddler – Most popular between the 90’s and early 00’s when caipirinhas reigned supreme – a heavy duty muddler is a game changer when dealing with fresh fruit and other ‘smash-able’ ingredients. Always muddle on a flat surface – and rinse thoroughly under running water to finish your tropical number . 

These are just a few tools that we would recommend – but you must figure out what works best for you. Experiment – and enjoy.