A guide to Braulio: a premium sipping Amaro

Braulio 2

Braulio – History and Product

For over a century, this aged amaro has represented the best of Alpine tradition and craftsmanship. Braulio was born in Bormio in 1875 – created by Francesco Peloni – a pharmacist and botanist. Braulio is the name of the mountain where the product was born – and Bormio is the town in which the Amaro is still produced today. The flavour of Braulio is very peculiar in the category of bitters – perfectly capturing the distinctive aromas and flavours of the Italian Alps Its botanicals – such as Juniper, wormwood, gentian roots and yarrow – all grow naturally on the mountain. Braulio Classico has a brown-amber colour – a rich herbaceous flavour with notes of gentian and absinthe – and aromas of wood and roots – especially gentian roots and juniper. Braulio Riserva, on the other hand, is more complex. The flavour begins with aromatic herbs, wood, roots, red fruits – but ends with a balsamic and fresh taste. Although differing slightly – both showcase bitter flavours at their finest. With a unique taste stemming from an exceptional blend of herbs, roots and berries – Braulio is the premium sipping amaro – and best enjoyed neat! Salute!

Braulio – Production and Tasting Notes

Made from 100% natural ingredients – and one of the few Amaro aged in oak barrels – Braulio is a complex, multi-layered flavour ready to be slowly discovered. The production journey starts by selecting the best quality herbs, berries, and roots – carefully, cleaned and naturally dried. The herbs are then broken down and milled – before being left to infuse in a hydro-alcoholic solution for 30 days. During this period, the aromas and active ingredients of the plants are gently extracted. Once all the aromas and active properties have been extracted, the liquid is filtered, diluted and mixed with sugars – to give the liqueur a more delicate taste – and reduce the alcohol content to 21%. The Amaro is then transferred to Slavonian oak barrels. These specially sourced barrels last a lifetime and allow the product to breathe – and for flavours to blend together. The result: a distinct balance of herbal and woody flavours combined with an aromatic bouquet of balsamic tones. The inner spirit of the mountain – the taste for which Braulio is renowned.