Tips for Blending Cocktails

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Blenders are not just great tools for making your morning smoothie – or for creating Pina Colada’s in Caribbean beach bars. A blender is a clever tool that anyone can use to elevate texture, drop temperature and increase efficiencies behind the bar. The main purpose of blending is to incorporate ice into your drink in a homogenised fashion – to create a smooth mouthfeel You can take almost any cocktail and turn it into a frosty, textural and refreshing rendition. But before you get started, you need to consider exactly what you want the blender to do? For example – when Flash Blending – you need a smaller amount of crushed ice to mimic the act of shaking. But – If you’re looking to make a cocktail more like a frozen Pina Colada – you’ll need larger amounts of cubed ice to add volume, dilution and texture. The balance between spirits, juices, sweeteners and other ingredients will also help to achieve the desired outcome of your blending. And be aware of how temperature alters how you perceive certain flavours – for example; a colder drink will display more acidic notes and can make your drink taste exceptionally unbalanced. Blenders offer many interesting solutions behind the bar – it’s over to you to discover if your favourite cocktail will blend up a storm!