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Rather than asking “why do we need bars?” The question really is, “why do we drink?” The answer seems simple, right? Not quite so simple once we look at the reasons people go to bars. Speaking to leading global bartenders and industry experts, who are ripping up the ‘rulebook’ and doing things differently, this theme explores the origins of bar culture, the ways it has evolved (depending on your outlook) and the role of bartenders: how it can be done differently, by broadening your perspective to create memorable experiences for your customers.

Cover for Chapter One - Why do we go to bars?
Chapter 1 - Why do we go to bars?
The value of bars Through a cultural lens – we start by briefly exploring why we gather together to drink – from a socio-anthropological perspective – and the value this adds to our lives, in all sorts of ways.
Cover for Chapter Two - Ensuring Inclusivity
Chapter 2 - Ensuring inclusivity
The different reasons why people go to bars and why bars add cultural value to our lives. How do you get inside customers’ heads – creating empathy, connection, and representation?
Cover for Chapter Three - Culture, Your Bar
Chapter 3 - Your culture, your bar
How do you create empathy and perspective, as a bartender? We learn about the importance of ‘understanding your audience’.
Glass of drink and man behind it
Chapter 1 – The problem with bar design
When we design bars - are we focusing too much on the wrong things? What functional problems do bartenders face when working behind the bar? How is this affecting customer experience? We speak to our leading bartenders to understand what’s going on.
Person drinking tea
Chapter 2 – Form and function
We then meet product designer who is approaching bar design differently, using modern tech and industry insight to change how bartenders – and therefore customers - interact within the venue – exploring the importance of a functional bar space – and how purpose driven design decisions are everywhere.
Picture of a man
Chapter 3 – Technology and Personality
Finally, we explore how modern tech can support these decisions – speaking to an IOT tech expert to look at how data can influence the design of bars, making it easier to tackle problems - before ending the episode with the sentiment that though there are many different approaches to design in the bar, all bartenders should do what works for them.

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