Campari Red Hands Asia 2024 Terms & Conditions


AGREEMENT between CAMPARI and the Contestant 

“Contestant” refers to the individuals that are eligible to participate in Campari Red Hands Asia Competition 2024 who signs hereunder and as a member within a Team. 

“Competition” refers to the CAMPARI RED HANDS ASIA COMPETITION 2024, which includes “Pre-Selection”, “Local Pre-Elimination” and “Local Finals” rounds. 

“Team” refers to a group of two or more (no more than three members) that sign up for the Competition as a single competing entity. Individual submissions are not allowed. 

“Round” refers to each round of the competition, which includes: (i) a Pre-Selection Round (Online Selection); (ii) Local Pre-Elimination, and (iii) a Local Finals Round. 

“Recipe” refers to any recipe created by the Team for use in the Competition. Each Team agrees to the following: 

That the Contestant has read, understood, and shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Competition on the website. 

The contest is open to residents who are of legal drinking age and over the age of majority in their respective province/territory. No person is eligible to enter if he/she is an officer, director, employee, agent, or representative of, or a member of the immediate family (defined as parent, sibling, children and/or spouse, regardless of where they live) of, or domiciled with (whether related or not) any such officer, director, employee, agent or representative of CAMPARI (the “Sponsor”) or any of CAMPARI’S subsidiaries its advertising or promotional agencies, its consultants or its distributors. 

Contestants are required to sign up as a Team with a maximum of three members, with one team member designated as the Team Leader. Each team must include at least one bartender and the remaining member(s) can fulfil any role in the presentation. Individual submission is not allowed. 

A single bar / F&B outlet with the license to serve alcoholic beverages is allowed to have multiple Teams and Contestants registered in the competition. 

If the winning Team of a current Round is unable to participate in the next Round for any reason whatsoever that Team shall be disqualified, shall forfeit the prize for the current Round and the current Round finalist Team with the next highest score in the applicable region will then be selected as a finalist Team for the next Round. 

Only one individual from the local finalist winning team from each country will be sent to compete in the Grand Finals in Milan on the team’s behalf. 

An individual representative for each finalist Team for each Round must be available to travel (if required). 

By participating in this Competition, each Contestant warrants that his/her actions do not violate his/her employer’s company policies and procedures (if applicable). Further, each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that there is no obligation, expressed or implied, to purchase or offer for sale Sponsor’s products at their place of employment (if applicable). For greater certainty, if Contestant is responsible for purchase decisions of his/her employer, any decision to offer Sponsor’s products at entrant’s place of employment has been made freely and has not been influenced by the Competition or by the Sponsor in any way. 

The Contestant represents and warrants to the Sponsor that: (a) the reproduction, creation, exhibition, or any use thereof of the Recipe shall not violate any copyright, right of privacy or publicity, or any other right of any person or entity and that the Recipe is an original work of the Contestant; and (b) the Contestant is sole owner of the Recipe, together with the title thereof and all rights granted to the Sponsor hereunder, and no rights in the Recipe have been granted to others or impaired by the Contestant, except as specified, if at all, in these Rules. 

That by submitting/creating any Recipe for the Competition, the Contestant agrees to transfer perpetually, irrevocably, for global use and royalty-free all rights, interest, title and ownership in the Recipe exclusively to the Sponsor to without any limitation: use; copy; modify; improve; reproduce; market; publish (on any medium including but not limited to on any website, in any magazine, newspaper or via television or radio); distribute; sell and otherwise exploit the said Recipe used in the Contest or for any purpose whatsoever. 

Any Recipe used in the in the Local Final Round of the Competition shall belong exclusively thereafter to the Sponsor for any use or publication or distribution whatsoever in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. 

A Contestant’s participation constitutes irrevocable permission for the Sponsor and, in the Sponsor’s sole discretion and for such other Competition Sponsors to perpetually use the Contestant’s name, photograph, likeness and other material provided for the Competition for any business purpose, including for promotional purposes in any media. 

The Contestant’s name, photograph and other personal data submitted for the Competition and any photographs of the Contestant taken in relation to the Competition shall belong exclusively thereafter to the Sponsor for any use or publication or distribution whatsoever in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. 

The Sponsor assumes no responsibility or liability for any incorrect or inaccurate entry form information submitted by the Contestant. 

The Sponsor will cover the cost of, or arrange for a reasonable hotel accommodations, airfare, and meals for the Contestant to the Regional Finals in Milan. All travel dates and accommodation are subject to change without notice or compensation. All other expenses not specifically provided for will be for the Contestant’s account including, without limitation, optional seat selection fees, additional luggage fees, entertainment costs, gratuities, merchandise, telephone calls, compensation for time off from work, grooming and all personal expenses of any kind or nature. The Contestant must obtain all 

necessary travel documentation including valid passport and visas if applicable prior to ticketing and shall comply with any customs and immigration requirements. 

The Contestant shall at all times comply with the laws of the country in which he/she participates and shall not conduct himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner or one that brings the Sponsor or the Competition into disrepute. 

The Contestant agrees to release the Sponsor from and against any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages, or losses to persons or property which may be sustained in connection with submitting an entry or otherwise participating in any aspect of the Competition or Competition-related activity, or in any contained error in these Rules or the announcement of offering of any prize, or in receiving/redeeming or using any prize awarded, (unless such loss, injury or damage is directly due to the Sponsor’s negligence.) 

In the event that any Round of the Competition (or any portion thereof) is postponed, cancelled or otherwise unavailable for any reason, the Sponsor is not responsible for providing any replacement for the postponed or cancelled Round. 

In the event that any of the Sponsors are prevented from continuing with the Competition, or the integrity and/or feasibility of the Competition is undermined by any event beyond the Sponsors’ control, including but not limited to fire; flood; epidemic; earthquake; explosion; labor dispute; strike; act of God; public enemy act; equipment failure; riot or civil disturbance; war (declared or undeclared); terrorist threat or activity; any federal, state, or local governmental law, order, or regulation; order of any court or jurisdiction; or other cause not reasonably within Sponsors’ control, the Sponsors will have the right, in their sole discretion, to abbreviate, modify, suspend, cancel, or terminate the promotion without further obligation or liability to the Competition . 

Any Contestant who breaches the terms and conditions of this Agreement may be disqualified from the Challenge and may be required to forfeit any prize won. 

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the participating Regions in the Campari Bartender Competition