A Guide to Cocktail Glassware

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Choosing the right vessel to serve your cocktail in is essential. There are a myriad of different styles, materials and applications out there – but let’s start with the three major categories: 

1. Tall Glasses High Balls, Tall tumblers, Collins – there are many names and subcategories for Tall Glasses – but all are generally used for long drinks; either carbonated or still – and with various styles of ice. They are the right size to accommodate your drink and allow for enough ice to leave a good wash line at the top of the glass 

2. Short Glasses The most versatile when it comes to catering for your cocktails. Rocks, Lowball, Old Fashioned – Double Old Fashioned! – they go by many different names and come in all shapes and sizes Best for more spiritous drinks which are not lengthened with a mixer – and where a large ratio of ice to liquid is necessary to restrict dilution. 

3. Stemmed Glasses Some of the most elegant cocktail serves out there. From the Martini glass to the Coupe – these types of glassware can accommodate for stirred and strong cocktails as much as they can for fluffy sours. One stemmed glass not to be ignored is the wine Glass – a must have for serving the iconic Aperol Spritz or Campari Spritz. 

Every single category of glassware has unique shapes and sizes that will change the functionality and thermal characteristics of your cocktails – So take the time to research what will service your drink the best.