A guide to the Cinzano range of vermouths

Cinzano 2

Cinzano – History and Product

Cinzano is a global Italian Icon. Originating in Torino, Italy – the Cinzano brothers founded Casa Cinzano in 1757. The story goes that Carlo Stefano Cinzano began infusing and sweetening wine blends – sourced from his brother’s near-by vineyards. This soon led to the creation of Cinzano’s signature vermouth – the secret formula of which still lies at the heart of the Cinzano vermouth we enjoy today. Cinzano’s range of vermouths have become pivotal behind the bar – each with their own secret recipe – specially-selected botanicals – and distinctive tastes. The liquids amber colour reflects the product’s rich infusion of herbs and spices – as well as its prestige and quality. It is the perfect ingredient for cocktails thanks to its delicate, yet persistent aftertaste and can be served neat or with a splash of soda. Torino, the birthplace of Cinzano, quickly became the world’s vermouth capital – and transformed a local specialty into a global industry.

Cinzano: Production and Tasting Notes

Cinzano Vermouth is a Trebbiano-based Italian wine blend – sweetened, flavoured and fortified with an alcoholic infusion made up of various botanicals – including absinthe. Each botanical, herb, wood and spice is meticulously selected from specific areas – and only harvested in certain moments of the year, depending on their seasonality. From the dry botanicals – the extraction is carried out following traditional procedures that have remained unchanged throughout the years. After an extraction process – the signature aromatics are combined with wine – and blended according to Cinzano’s closely-guarded secret extraction. The blend then rests to allow the aromas and flavours to marry together for a further 7 days. Contrary to popular belief – the colour of Cinzano is not dependent on the wine used – but instead, the sweetening process. Finally, the finished liquid rests another 2-3 days – before being bottled and shipped around the world for all to enjoy.