Jamaican daiquiri

Classic Jamaican Daiquiri rum cocktail recipe

Jamaican Daiquiri cocktail recipe: how to mix this drink

Check out the original classic recipe of the Jamaican Daiquiri: ingredients and step by step guide.

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  • 60 ml Appleton Estate 8yo
  • Lime
  • 15 ml Sugar Syrup
  • Garnish: Lime Twist
  1. Adds large ice chunks to shaker tin.

  2. Pour in 60ml of Appleton Estate 8yo.

  3. Lime being cut in half.

  4. Lime being pressed in jigger

  5. Pour in 30ml lime juice.

  6. Pour in 15ml sugar syrup.

  7. Shake hard.

  8. Fine strain into a coupette.

  9. Close up to peeling lime.

  10. Close up of expressing oils.

  11. Close up of placing lime twist.