Bickens: The Gin Blending Tradition and Modernity

Bickens 1

Bickens: Production and Tasting notes

Bickens is a blended gin – distilled in two pot stills – “Angela” and “Jenny”. ANGELA is a Copper pot still from 1903 in which a modern gin recipe is distilled. 10 botanicals – plus the addition of nutmeg & cinnamon – to create a smooth and aromatic recipe JENNY is a Copper pot still from 1994. It distills a 300 year old traditional gin recipe made of 8 botanicals to create a very dry recipe, characterised by coriander. The two distillates are then blended and diluted from 80% to 40% ABV with water – before finally being bottled. Not only does this specific distillation process give Bickens its unique blended nature – but it also tells a story: of the perfect marriage between Traditional and Modern technique.