Cognac, The French Spirit Par Excellence

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Understanding Cognac

Cognac is considered one of the finest spirits in the world. It is made from white wine grapes that, when fermented, yield a low alcohol and highly acidic wine – excellent for distillation Made primarily from the ugni blanc grape – and grown exclusively in the region of the same name – the production of Cognac is unique, and strictly controlled. Distillation must take place twice in succession – to extract the maximum complexity of aroma from wine and obtain eau-de-vie. The process is conducted day and night for several months – but must stop at end of march. Aged in oak casks – only the natural mix of liquid components, air, wood and time, can give eau-de-vie its characteristic colour, aroma and bouquet. Cognac is not normally born of a single eau-de-vie – but is the result of a blend of different estates, ages and crus – a complex and delicate art. Today, more than two hundred and twenty five million bottles of Cognac are exported to over 160 countries. Around the world, it is a symbol of great quality, France and “L’art de vivre a la Francaise”.