What is Vermouth and how to serve

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Understanding Vermouth

Vermouth is a fortified wine – which means that alcohol is added to wine, and then aromatised with a blend of botanicals – including bitter herbs of the Artemisia species, such as wormwood. It is a widely spread and popular product across the world – and various countries have their own history in vermouth making. In Italy, the tradition of producing aromatised wines is an ancient one, dating back to the Roman Empire. Vermouth’s bitter-sweet composition perfectly stimulates the stomach – whether consumed alone or mixed into a drink. Originally, Vermouth was consumed straight and cold. It was quickly learnt that a splash of soda water and a zest of lemon actually increases herbal perception, dilution and freshness. During the prohibition era – a mass migration of American bartenders arrived in Europe and injected new life into the traditional aperitif. The Milano-Torino, Americano and Negroni became the most important creations of this time – and remain key vermouth cocktails for aperitivo today.  Tasting notes • Red – Sweet + Spicy • White – Sweet, Fruity and Floral • Dry/Extra dry – Drier and more Herbaceous notes –the most bitter Vermouth of all.