Bourbon and Branch

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It’s hard to argue that water, while being critical to our survival, contributes so much more to life and our industry than we care to think; from sprits production or playing an integral role balancing flavours in tasty cocktails! In the US, before the birth of the cocktail and other mixed drinks, it was common to enjoy the simple & delicious delights of quality Bourbon mixed with pure still water… in a drink affectionately known as Bourbon & Branch.

Have you ever wondered if your water was hard or soft? What is reverse osmosis water, or are minerals a must? BOURBON & BRANCH will look at the most important facilitator of life & flavour; water. We’ll check out several types of drinking water we consume daily and specifically look at the influence and contribution of water in the production of American Whiskey, while talking our favourite WILD TURKEY Bourbon. We’ll also take a flow through the history of water and ice in cocktails and when to apply a different type of water (or ice) for the best outcome. As always, we hope this program sparks your curiosity for this wonderful world and inspires you to start your new adventure behind and beyond the bar!

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Bourbon and Branch with Wild Turkey.