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Season 2

Leadership is…

Ch01 1
Chapter 1 - Reimagining Leadership
Perspectives Season 2 takes us across the world, from NYC, to Buenos Aires and Cartagena, to learn from some of the very best business owners in hospitality and bartending. We spoke with Will Guidara, Jean Trinh and Ines De Los Santos. Discover what leadership means to them!
Ch02 1
Chapter 2 - Times of Change Coming soon
For Chapter 2 of Perspectives, we dove into the difficult topic of surviving through adversity and steering your team in times of crisis. This season's expert contributors Will Guidara, Jean Trinh and Ines De Los Santos shared their experiences as business owners who tried, failed, thrived and survived through the global pandemic.
Ch03 1
Chapter 3 - Building a Team Coming soon
The future is yours to create, but what does good leadership look like in hospitality? In Chapter 3 of Perspectives Will, Jean and Ines give their pro advice on how to build a dream team. Have you or a colleague faced similar challenges as a business owner or team member?

We are back! Are you ready for Season 2?

Join us on a journey through all things business, development and bartending. This season on Perspectives, we travelled across the globe to hear the
not-so-know truths from some of the best minds in the hospitality industry...

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