The Negroni: The Past, Present & Future with Naren Young

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Created in 1919 in Florence, 100 years have passed since the creation of the NEGRONI.

In occasion of this important centenary in May 2019, Bartenders around Australia were joined by guest speaker Naren Young and the Campari Academy Team, dissecting the quintessential Aperitivo into its every element. For the first time ever we  took a deep dive into the untold details and the unexplored history, debunking myths and challenging commonly accepted conceptions.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably heard the Conte Camillo story before, but what else is there to discover? What were people drinking in Firenze 100 years ago? Did Legendary Bartender Fosco Scarselli – at Caffe’ Casoni – truly add an “equal part” of London Dry Gin?

Looking to our industry and into the future of it, we embarked in more conversation tapping into what truly makes a Negroni Twist? What boundaries and guardrails do we challenge or accept? Where do we stop? Why should we Stop? This was a ground-breaking session truly uncovering and discovering the Past, Present & Future of one of the World’s Favourite Cocktails; The Negroni.

View or download the Booklet from our Masterclass:

The Negroni with Naren Young.