Season 1

Raw Materials & Flavours

Chapter 1 - Sourcing Matters
We start by speaking to a produce supply expert about his mission to revolutionise the food system with nutritionally dense crops full with flavour learning from him and our drinks making experts about how those working with fresh produce should understand more about raw materials and seasonality in order to create better flavour in their servings.
Chapter 2 - Creating Uniqueness
We then learn from our leading bartenders about their journey and process of developing raw materials to create something new as well as discussing how the pursuit for new and interesting ingredients and flavour can sometimes go too far.
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Chapter 3 - Finding Your Own Identity
In this final part we look at the role of inspiration behind developing new flavours speaking to our aspirational contributors about their unique journeys to interrogate the concept of ‘ flavour ’ and how they approach it differently. What inspirations have fueled their innovative work and how they perceive the future of flavour?

In this episode, we investigate raw materials & flavour how the two relate to one another and how (through deeper understanding) bartenders can develop better, more innovative serves that elevate customer experience.
Along the way, we speak to food suppliers, a tea maker, farmers, foragers and leading bartenders all in an effort to understand more about seasonality, locality, experimentation and uncover how far developing flavour can go.


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