Martini ll

Learn how to make a perfect Martini cocktail

Simple and perfect Martini cocktail recipe. A step by step guide

Discover the classic recipe of the Martini cocktail — check out how to make this timeless original drink that is still many peoples’ favourite.

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  • 60 ml Bulldog Gin
  • 10 ml 1757 Vermouth Extra Dry
  • Garnish: Olives, Lemon Peel
  1. Grab mixing glass.

  2. Pour in 60ml Bulldog Gin.

  3. Pour in 10ml 1757 Vermouth Extra Dry.

  4. Strain cocktail into glass.

  5. Close up of lemon being peeled.

  6. Close up of oils being expressed over drink.

  7. Place peel on glass.