NEGRONI WEEK – Antonello Arzedi


How do you celebrate your community?

How do you celebrate the amazing people and local legends who bring red passion and creativity to your neighborhood? The organisations who help shape and support your community? The local grocer or café whose passion or craft make your work trip that much more enjoyable?

This Negroni Week, we want to hear these stories.

We are taking it back to grass roots – a Cocktail for a Community, a Cocktail for a Cause.

Le Sbaliato (Campari, Vermouth, Grapefruit Sparkling Rhubarb Wine):

  • 35ml Campari 
  • 17.5ml Cinzano 1757 Rosso 
  • 17.5ml Oscar Bianco 697
  • 60ml Rhubarb wine 
  • 5ml Grapefruit cordial 
  • 35ml Water 

Everything carbonated and served on tap