Cocktail Mixing Glasses & the Art of Stirring

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Many classic drinks – like the Martini or the Manhattan – are usually stirred in a mixing glass or beaker with ice – before being strained into their final serving vessel. The act of stirring is done to gently combine all of the ingredients – maintain a silky texture – control dilution – and preserve clarity – without incorporating unnecessary air bubbles. There is much debate as to the best vessel for stirring a cocktail – some prefer glass to metal, or vice versa. Metal does heat up and cool down faster than glass, therefore using less energy. However, a thick mixing glass will have more thermal mass and can absorb more energy. Therefore, pre-chilling a mixing glass will make it as good, if not better than an un-chilled metal tin. When recipes call for a cocktail to be stirred & strained:

• Measure the ingredients into the mixing glass & fill with ice. 

• Slide the spoon down the side of the mixing glass – and gently stir around the inside wall. 

• Stir at a consistent pace for approximately 30 seconds – or until the appropriate amount of ice subsides in the liquid. 

• Place a julep strainer onto the mixing vessel and strain. 

Don’t forget to rinse the vessel in cold water – and prepare for your next cocktail!