How To Use Asian Ingredients In Drinks
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Love Us Like You Love Our Food

  • Date

    08 May, 2023
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    12PM PST / 3 PM EST
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    US Academy
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Love Us Like You Love Our Food

From boba to ube, there’s no doubt that Asian ingredients are having a huge moment in cocktails right now. 

This popularity, though, has often failed to include an understanding of the rich culinary and historical context (not to mention, technique) of these items.

Mary Palac (Mexican Spirits Portfolio Ambassador) hosts Darwin Pornel and Christian “SUZU” Suzuki-Orellana for a joyful, evocative exploration of AAPI history through the stories of several unique and in-demand ingredients.

So grab a milk tea and join us for this journey to the Asian market and beyond!

This event already took place. Watch a recording of the conversation here!

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