Season 2

How Do We Perceive Flavor?

Chapter1 flavor
Chapter 1
How do we define the word ‘flavor’? Our experts differentiate the words ‘flavor’ and ‘taste’, argue for the power of simplicity over complexity, and delve into the topic of how cocktails can convey flavor.
Chapter 2
Mastering The Senses
We explain the importance of external factors in creating flavor memories. From the texture of the bar top, to interior design, and the music playing – there’s much more in play than what’s in the glass.
Chapter 3
Flavor Evolution
In our final chapter, we focus on how we communicate flavor. By building our own ‘flavor library’, and choosing the right language to convey these flavors, how do we impart our knowledge onto our guests?

In this episode, we examine how the senses work, and the impact they can have on our perception of flavors. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell: all five senses need to be considered when working with flavor creation. From London, to Taipei and Seoul, our experts –professors and authors, bartenders and owners – explain how they affect the flavors in our glass.


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