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The Category of Rum & Jamaican Rum

Rum is simply defined as a spirit distilled from the fermented products of sugar cane. It is the most diverse spirit in the world – capable of infinite variations in style, colour, age and body. The first rum distillation likely happened on Caribbean sugar plantations in the 17th century – though the spirit’s exact origins are up for debate. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries – Jamaica became a huge exporter of rum and was known for its rich flavour. By the late 19th Century, there were nearly 150 rum distilleries in Jamaica making just over seven million litres of rum per year. Today, there are 6 distilleries producing just over 20 million litres of rum per year. There are a few key factors that influence the variations of Rum: Raw Materials, Fermentation, Distillation, Ageing, and Blending – But there’s a few common factors that all Jamaican rums have – they’re produced from molasses – made using Jamaican limestone filtered water – and with no additives allowed.