Drinks Theater: Class Recording

Drinks Theater Class at Campari Academy

Want to learn how to Surprise and Delight your bar guests?
Watch our 1-hour conversation with Jason Asher and Rich Furnari, hosted by Anne Louise Marquis.

Campari Academy was joined by Jason and Rich in April to talk creativity beyond the cocktail. We explored not only the impact of the physical objects and environment you create, but the role of intentionality plays no matter what kind of bar you operate. Oh, and of course, how all of this meets your bar’s bottom line!

Want more? Check out these conversation starters to jump-start creativity and get moving on crafting unforgettable experiences.

Drinks Theater Class Topics:

How do you design a bar experience?

What is the role of expectation in a guest’s perception of value, and how can you guide this?

Is it worth it to spend more on nice napkins?

Jason and Rich share real world examples of when costing up makes business sense.

What drink goes in which glass?

Where conceptual and practical meet! Understand the “fajita effect” and whether the best glassware should get the weirdest drink or the crowd pleaser.

Plus DIY Tips!

What if you’re not the owner or beverage director? Get tips to build your vision and creativity and see it through to the finish line.

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About our guest speakers:

Rich Furnari and Jason Asher

Jason Asher and Rich Furnari are industry vets and founding partners of an Arizona-based Hospitality Group behind several loved and celebrated bars.

Their decades of experience have garnered national coverage, not to mention a TOTC Spirited Award for “Best U.S. Cocktail Bar” and a spot on the “North America’s 50 Best Bars” list.

The duo’s experience—as bartenders, owners, managers, and consultants—has given them much insight into both the how and why of crafting unforgettable guest experiences.