Saison 2

Leadership is…

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Chapter 1 - Reimagining leadership
In our first chapter, we start by investigating what it means to be a leader. When we strip away the food, drinks, service and design, what we’re left with is the core of what we do: facilitate human connection.​ Strong leadership is essential in order to inspire and empower a team to come together for a common purpose. ​ Our experts explain how communication, empathy and a focus on the group over the individual are intrinsic to doing so.​
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Chapter 2 - Times of change
We then look at how changes and challenges can test and make a leader. From dealing with unexpected obstacles to navigating failure, change is all too inevitable in our industry and as a leader you must be able to guide your team through them.​ The subject of personal change also plays into how we lead others – how do our own experiences impact the skillsets we rely on to lead?​
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Chapter 3 - Building your team
In our final chapter, we ask our experts how they build a team.​ ​From reducing job criteria, to looking outside of conventional hiring practices and simply considering what a potential employee is like as a person over their technical abilities, there are many different schools of thought when it comes to building a team.​ If you’re a good leader, your ability to inspire, train and motivate people will eventually result in a team that really works.​

In this episode, we look at what leadership looks like in hospitality, how it has changed and how it continues to change. ​

From examining what leadership can look like in different communities, to building a strong team, communicating effectively and how to lead in the face of adversity, this episode breaks down some of the key areas in which leadership can inspire a team.​

We talk to bar owners and respected leaders who have worked hard to create and lead teams that work together, harmoniously and homogenously to be some of the best in the business.​

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