Serious Winter Drinks

Longbranch bourbon old fashioned

Ah, Winter. That time of year when bar patrons around the country pull out their heavy coats and contemplate chilly trips to the warm glow of a candlelit bar.

It’s the season to set aside the citrusy and playful (Margaritas and Mai Tais, we’re looking at you), and reach for something, well, a bit more serious.

We’re talking big flavors and elegant, stirred cocktails: Read on for menu inspiration for the shortest days of the year.

Oaxacan Negroni

Oaxacan Negroni

Swap gin for mezcal in this easy but crowd-pleasing take on the Negroni.

clarified bourbon milk punch
Boulevardier of Broken Creams

A coffee bean infusion turns this clarified milk punch into a Winter eye opener.

Longbranch bourbon old fashioned

Mesquite & Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Syrup is the ideal cold weather sweetener, and its round, amber notes perfectly compliment Longbranch bourbon’s mesquite notes.

Old Pal cocktail with Campari, dry vermouth, bourbon

Old Pal

A drier take on a Boulevardier, this stirred classic is worth seeking out.

Grand Marnier Old Fashioned
Grand Old Fashioned

The split base twist adds elegant orange and Cognac notes to a base of Russel’s Reserve 10 year Bourbon.